Efficient Future
Efficient Future 21 time siden
Rat wouldn't be in his pants if his boots were bloused as they should be.
Jerry DaMan
Jerry DaMan 21 time siden
My man's forgot that was a mob bank
Nicholas Walford
Nicholas Walford 21 time siden
also with one has more power a shot gun or sniper
James Hodges
James Hodges 21 time siden
If I wanted to watch "how its made"
Clu 21 time siden
I hate new action films because of this.. Except I guess mission impossible one are good
Hey K-Lee
Hey K-Lee 21 time siden
is it just me or who else didnt know grout *wasnt* supposed to be black? 🤣🤣🤣
Ilias Pilales
Ilias Pilales 21 time siden
Imagine the lego house accidentally falling off her hands😂
Trumpendeous 21 time siden
"The hill is way too steep, they would all die." This man is so enjoyable to watch.
Nicholas Walford
Nicholas Walford 21 time siden
my name is nicholas to
Mashhood Sadi
Mashhood Sadi 21 time siden
Great fix for OCD lol..... 😆🤣😂
Tyler Goessl
Tyler Goessl 21 time siden
Did you notice The number of bank robberies went up after this video was uploaded
alizeh atif
alizeh atif 21 time siden
0:39 cleaning the floor is so satisfying 😩😋😌
Johnny Chingas
Johnny Chingas 21 time siden
Mexico sells these for penny on the dollar
Joseph Erickson
Joseph Erickson 21 time siden
I can’t excuse them for not including a scene from “Hell or High Water”
Alexis Bluemke
Alexis Bluemke 21 time siden
Will the bearded guy bear the cameraman every shut up??
Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus 21 time siden
666 Subscribers you say👀
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 21 time siden
Lol, he was a Marine, well played devil dog. We always aspire to greatness. -Semper Fidelis
Queen Lizzy
Queen Lizzy 21 time siden
Well ya ruined Elf for me
MapleSyrupBoi 21 time siden
The second one confused me so much
Mr Dago
Mr Dago 21 time siden
Tom cruise’s dentist
Matthew Sledzik
Matthew Sledzik 21 time siden
yes lets judge the witcher... a completely fantasy world
Chosen One
Chosen One 21 time siden
funny how liberals are anti-gun but their movies are usually guns...:)
BlueBerry Cotton Floss
BlueBerry Cotton Floss 21 time siden
You should addd chunks in there too
PenelopePSauce 21 time siden
But is Bradley single..........
Matthew Sledzik
Matthew Sledzik 21 time siden
wait you are asking this guy to talk about FANTASY battle?
Paul Kjoss
Paul Kjoss 21 time siden
He missed that bit under the down pipe 😟
Peter Marchi
Peter Marchi 21 time siden
A Good Private Investigator like a Good Photographer is invisible.
vijay kumar
vijay kumar 21 time siden
that game of thrones scene is lit
Deion 21 time siden
if i rob a bank i will go to prison but this guy robs multiple and he is fine
Vladimir Kuzin
Vladimir Kuzin 21 time siden
Hello. may I use your video to promote a non commercial dogcafe? @t
Muhammad Shuja
Muhammad Shuja 21 time siden
Hitler is Muslim
Jonathan Schwegler
Jonathan Schwegler 21 time siden
The fact he was with heroin addicts tells me he was chasing bottom of the barrel guys smh
Suliasi Turagabeci
Suliasi Turagabeci 21 time siden
Is there a reason why a bag is $3000??
Dankis NM
Dankis NM 21 time siden
9:05 Reason wearing masks with conceal carry is illegal?
ABDESLAM El gourfti
ABDESLAM El gourfti 21 time siden
Dandelions Revenge
Dandelions Revenge 21 time siden
I don’t know much about horses but what do they do in the wild before people cut they’re nails
Strike Team
Strike Team 21 time siden
Mix it up and your ten dollars worth of ice cream turns into soup
Brad 21 time siden
Profiting from crime? What is this..
Kasper 21 time siden
I'm kinda bothered by the way he talks. He moves his mouth like 4x more than needed.
Juliet Rose
Juliet Rose 21 time siden
i didnt know i was gonna hear asmr today
BlueBerry Cotton Floss
BlueBerry Cotton Floss 21 time siden
Can we just get a moment to talk about red ballet shoes!!! Glorious too💖
Frank 21 time siden
This guy should explain how to do perfect heists on GTA V
Van Vanart
Van Vanart 21 time siden
Derry Bath
Derry Bath 21 time siden
That isn’t ice cream now
Pixel Zed EX
Pixel Zed EX 21 time siden
.....Dallas is that you?
Diego Arias Zúñiga
Diego Arias Zúñiga 21 time siden
now this is interesting
Dripgod Jr
Dripgod Jr 21 time siden
I’m gonna eat a paintball to test this theory
dweebie 21 time siden
bro, that's just a marketing tactics
dave l
dave l 21 time siden
In tombstone doc did under the arm because he was smoking. And yes he could have shot himself..lol
JAMMING BLUE 21 time siden
Its actually called dragons breath
junk carz
junk carz 22 timer siden
Nick Jake
Nick Jake 22 timer siden
it looks like a garbage bag, on the kid 😂
Efficient Future
Efficient Future 22 timer siden
Отлично Comrade
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 22 timer siden
Who else better than gay guy to b a hand model
Laura 22 timer siden
i’d call it a printer but ok
willrobd 22 timer siden
100 bank robberies in under 2 years?? and then he turned himself in?? wtf is going on
Rubbarz 22 timer siden
"Most dangerous race track in the world" *Fake Taxi makes its tires scream around the track*
Morbid Dinosaur
Morbid Dinosaur 22 timer siden
Iniesta 8
Iniesta 8 22 timer siden
All these “specialist cleaners” and I guarantee each and every one is a generic cleaner at Walgreens…
dpeagles 22 timer siden
This guys seems legit.
matthewl67 22 timer siden
Lame bank robber.
Gh0stjdj 22 timer siden
I would love to see him more or him as a youtuber
Ground Ed
Ground Ed 22 timer siden
Nice work my ERI brother
Localbeanboy 22 timer siden
I wonder what they consider perfect. Considering the topic, health is certainly not a factor.
Kevin Tso
Kevin Tso 22 timer siden
i feel like whenever i clean things, i just make them dirtier
Giaccommander 22 timer siden
Heath Ledger´s Joker was the first time when I felt fear of the Joker ... RIP
Andrey Lucas
Andrey Lucas 22 timer siden
Disgusting airpods
Gavin the sniper
Gavin the sniper 22 timer siden
Da baby
Dennis Boller
Dennis Boller 22 timer siden
14:00 - I also call bullshit on the underwater vault because of physics. These are 400oz bars of gold. Each weighs 12,5kg. This also means that each shelf with 7x3x10 bars weighs 2.6 tons. I doubt that the shelfs will not collaps under this weight.
Ibinabo Eugene
Ibinabo Eugene 22 timer siden
hope you all are saved if not give your life to Christ and have a blessed and nice day
Tush D
Tush D 22 timer siden
That mobile was whose, Mowgli's?
Alondra De GonzAgui
Alondra De GonzAgui 22 timer siden
Er Ve
Er Ve 22 timer siden
Break down bank robberies but not break down the original point break????¿?¿ 😒
Paul Pulver’s Pools
Paul Pulver’s Pools 22 timer siden
Should have judged the quickness of Gene in Blazin Saddles 😂👍
Moneychris Money chris
Moneychris Money chris 22 timer siden
Who this guy snitch on..👀
Secret Agent Beans
Secret Agent Beans 22 timer siden
The reddit poster finally made a video. Nice
busra erbudak
busra erbudak 22 timer siden
i just hope she doesnt hurt the baby to make it cry